Friday, 4 November 2011


Castings??? what are they??? basically a casting for many of you out there whom still new to the terminology & what they are, is basically like a audition or interview.  Its the client's chance to see you in person - depending what the job/booking is for they may ask you to walk, they may ask you to act, perhaps read or present a line, try an item of clothing or take a pic.

There is some jobs where images that you may have do not reflect how you actually look (the modern art of photoshop) which as a photographer for me is a pain in the arse but as a model is a blessing - however plastic is NOT FANTASTIC!!!

Remember at castings, the clients, castings directors, want to see who you are, arrive minimum make-up always, no false lashes or hair weaves as you'll probs be asked to remove them - leave the chicken fillets at home too and contact lenses well thats personal preference but au-natural is always good!!

Clothing wise - remember simple is always good - a good pair of jeans and simple tshirt always does the trick, clean hair, nails and skin is a god send, fake tan NO NO!!

If your going for a catwalk castings, remember your heels, as a girls walk changes as soon as she has her 6 inchers on- but make sure you are comfortable in these shoes - dont be wearing your brand new jimmy's as you probs still aint broken into them and your probs going to be walking like bambi taking her first steps!!

Finally be warm, introduce yourself, show them you have done your research and be likeable - leave the diva attitudes at home!! your not kate moss yet as believe me shes been there and done that hence why now she doesnt have to cast but the rest of us still doo!!!

If you have model cards remember to leave them with client, know your measurements before (if you dont know them - GET MEASURED NOW!! everyone should know there bodys from the head size down to their feet :)

Remember castings are like auditions - so like job interviews - and you wont always book every one - why?? perhaps the criteria they were looking for you didnt fit it, or your nerves took over, maybe they wanted someone with more experience or generally they had a certain concept in mind ie dark hair, blue eyes etc etc. Be prepared for rejection - you will need the tough skin - in the words of Aliyah "Dust yourself off and try again" as one mans trash is deffo another mans gold!!!

Hope this bit info has helped :) keep an out for more useful info & details and best of luck :)